Hey! I’m Alina, a perpetual learner and crazy person in an endless pursuit for perfectly seared tofu.

This is an open list of things I enjoy and things that define me:

  1. Breakfast: Black coffee
  2. Favorite foods (randomly ordered): Soups (miso, ramen, Tom Kha, gazpacho), edamame, tofu, quinoa, mashed potatoes, wok vegetables, rice, broccoli, vegan sushi (especially avocado or radish), guacamole.
  3. Favorite condiments: Salt, sesame, fresh coriander/cilantro, black pepper, good wasabi.
  4. I’m completely nuts about nuts, especially cashews and peanuts.
  5. Vegan since 2015, after first being pescatarian, then vegetarian for 2 years. I first went vegan as a time-limited trial, but the trial quickly turned into “this best resonates with me, I’ll be a vegan forever”.
  6. I live in Berlin (Germany), a place where the native cuisine is not exactly known for its vegan recipes, unless you count bratwurst and pork as vegetables. But it’s easy to find vegan products and good veggies and fruits.
  7. My culinary experiments and cooking in general have one thing in common: no deep-frying. I never make exceptions to that.
  8. I have a pretty extensive personal “collection” of allergies, starting with persistent (permanent) allergic rhinitis, severe lactose intolerance, lupin allergy, alcohol allergy, nickel allergy, some detergents and cosmetics, over-reaction to insect bites…and you get the idea so I’ll stop here. I’m extremely happy that soy and peanuts are not on my list of allergies.
  9. I have a severe phobia of bugs and I’m afraid of heights.
  10. I love storms. I don’t remember how it started, but I loved them since I was a kid. Nothing else has a comparable effect on me.
  11. I have an omnivore significant other. Yes, it’s possible to make it work, though some extra effort is required.
  12. I love dogs. Immensely! I love animals in general, and when visiting somebody you’ll most likely find me in a corner of the house playing with the cats, dogs, or whatever pets are around — except arachnids. But dogs have the soft spot in my heart.