I cook twice daily. Then why don’t I write?

Over time I have been pondering n times why don’t I write more often. I know it’s a trivial question that every blogger out there asked themselves when inconsistently writing.

But yesterday I think I finally got my answer. I thought it was lack of time, or postponing to no end. But no. It was my grandma. No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers, at least not more than I was already. Let me explain my answer.

I was raised by my grandma, and although she didn’t teach me to cook per se, I am influenced by her more than I realized. And that means that I often don’t measure quantities of the ingredients, I just go by my eye knowing the desired consistency/texture/whatever.

And who would be interested in recipes that start with: pour flour while stirring until you get a soft dough consistency? Probably nobody.

I got my answer while trying to publish my recipe for vegan sugarless pancakes. I took pictures and everything, and then I realized that besides measuring the flour quantity (so I can control the number of resulting pancakes), I never measure the fluids, I just pour while stirring with the mixer until I get the desired consistency.

Plus, I play with my ingredients, seasonings, try new combinations and experiment with things like vegan egg replacements. Sometimes my experiments go well, sometimes not, but I always learn something about my preferences.

While generally I like exact and accurate things in my life, when it comes to recipes I don’t go with set quantities, I often experiment following my own preference.

I know how much tofu I like with my veggie rice bowl without weighing it. I know how much fluid I should add for my crépes without measuring it.

Whether it was recipes or handwork, whenever somebody asked my grandma about quantities or process my grandma answered “well, the thing itself tells you”. She always went by the eye and adjusted based on the desired result, including for knitting or crochet where “the model shows me how to proceed”.

Apparently I have a little bit of that…