Vegan alternatives to honey

Vegan alternatives to honey

I explained in a previous post why honey is not vegan, so honey consumption is a definite no-no if you want to eat vegan. But rest assured, there are plenty of yummy alternatives for vegans, with different tastes and different degrees of sweetness.

All the alternatives that I’ll mention is this article are natural ones, I’m not writing about synthetic sweeteners as alternatives to sugar, only about vegan (syrupy) alternatives to honey. 🙂

So…Pictured above are the alternatives I have around the house right now, starting from left to right:

  1. Agave nectar with strawberry
  2. Fluid rice syrup
  3. Agave nectar
  4. Maple syrup
  5. Rice syrup

I’m guessing that the amount of sweet stuff in the picture already betrayed my huge sweet tooth 🙂

I’m a little bit picky when it comes to this, and each honey alternative has its own use. I’ll detail below.

Agave nectar with strawberry

Listed ingredients: agave nectar 87.5%, strawberry syrup 12%, lemon syrup 0.5%
Calories: 301kcal/100g
Perfect for:

  • Breakfast toast with or without vegan butter
  • Topping for pancakes, porridges/puddings, vegan yoghurt, fruit salad, vegan icecream, desserts

Fluid rice syrup

Listed ingredients: rice syrup 100%
Calories: 317kcal/100g
Perfect for:

  • Using as sweetener
  • Recommended for allergy sufferers

Like the name says, this is a fluid syrup, with milder taste than the regular rice syrup. This is the least sweet honey alternative in this article.

Agave nectar

Listed ingredients: agave nectar 100%
Calories: 300kcal/100g
Perfect for:

  • Using as honey replacement (successfully replaces honey in any situation – on toast, in desserts, porridges, hot beverages etc)

This very much tastes like honey with a hint note of caramel. It’s a little less sweet and more fluid than honey. I would recommend this even for non-vegans (I tested it on family and friends 🙂 ).

Maple syrup

Listed ingredients: maple syrup 100%
Calories: 348kcal/100g
Perfect for:

  • Like the agave nectar, maple syrup is perfect as topping for pancakes, vegan yoghurt, fruit salad, vegan icecream or other desserts

Rice syrup

Listed ingredients: rice syrup 100% (obtained from brown rice)
Calories: 312kcal/100g
Perfect for:

  • Using as sweetener/topping for drinks, desserts, muesli/cereals, desserts, vegan yoghurt, porridges

It’s important to know that while the alternatives depicted here have various degrees of sweetness, in general vegan/plant alternatives are a little less sweet than honey.