Vegan comfort food

I’m a little bit of a weirdo when it comes to comfort food. I do have a sweet-tooth like any other person, but rarely when it comes to comfort food. The comfort food I go for does not involve chocolate or any sugar for that matter (unless it’s a white chocolate quinoa bowl), but has plenty of vegetables, fruits and sometimes ice.

I’m guessing that after reading this, you’re already thinking about closing this article and calling me a liar, but please bear with me while I explain myself.

Comfort food for me is anything mashed, blended, puréed or crushed, that can be eaten without chewing very much or drank through a big straw. Delicious things like mashed potatoes, cream soups and smoothies hit the spot for me. Yum!

My tools of choice are the steamer, the grill, the blender and the potato masher, and over the years I prepared cream soups and smoothies from the most bizarre veggies and fruits combinations. The good part of this is that I discovered unexpectedly delicious combinations, the not-so-good part is that sometimes the color palette of my concoctions is not exactly yummy, or at least not very photogenic when shot by a crappy photographer like me.

I plan to add some of my comfort food recipes in the next weeks, and I’ll also add a recipe index here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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